"Interior design is about crafting spaces that effect our senses, our spirit, and our mood in such a way that our internal and spiritual health is elevated." 



 "The way a family lives, breathes and uses their environment is of utmost importance... "

I'm Georgia Ezra, Interior designer & director of Melbourne based interior design practice STUDIO EZRA, alongside artisan tile purveyors Tiles of Ezra. A treasure hunter and market-maven at heart, I search the globe for inspiration and resources from a range of exotic cultures, and I am experienced and passionate about pushing the boundaries of modern design and creating spaces that enlighten and inspire everyday. 

My philosophy is simple–I am devoted to educating, motivating and inspiring others to create the most empowering, healthy and beautiful homes. I believe in crafting spaces that effect our senses, spirit and mood in such a way that our internal and spiritual heath is elevated.

I am a strong advocate that there is no such thing as right or wrong when it comes to interior design–just design unique to you– your design! Through my inspirational guides, worksheets, videos and lectures, I work to empower you to trust your unique aesthetic and to have fun creating the home you always desired.


Instagram feed: georgia_ezra