I don’t even know where to start with this Architectural hardware company. Let me start by saying that firstly I firmly believe hands down that Bankston architectural, and its sister company Tradco have the most beautiful hardware in Australia. Not to mention, some of the best customer service I have experienced. I originally used Tradco in our last home renovation as I have always been drawn to the European lines of their handles and range. What is SO exciting is that Bankston architectural have just released an array of handles that will leave you drooling… yes I officially drooled.

What I love most…? Well, firstly before I even talk about the aesthetics I want to start with functionality and the way the hardware feels in your hand. Think silky velvety smooth but solid and heavy in your hand… a door hardware dream.

Secondly, the actual range and design of the handles is beautiful, modern and clean but referencing traditional elements. Each range has a distinct look but works brilliantly and so cohesively together. Its this magical mix between todays modernity and classic beauty.

Thirdly the finishes. I just personally feel that the finishes are very warm… many others coat their hardware but don’t always achieve the right tone, as a perfectionist the tone of the finish is everything. Spot on with Bankston.

Georgia’s Hardware

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 1.57.01 pm.png


External Hardware - Rumbled Nickel

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 1.59.04 pm.png


Aged Brass

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 7.52.54 pm.png

Drawer and cupboard joinery pulls

Aged Brass

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 1.57.28 pm.png

internal Hardware

Aged Brass

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 7.54.59 pm.png


Aged Brass


Drawer and cupboard joinery pulls

Aged Brass

Projects showing how Georgia has used TRADCO Products