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During this renovation, I specifically wanted to celebrate the brands we have decided to work with. Not only do I use these brands in many of my interior projects, due to their quality, but what I also love most about these brands is the customer service I receive each and every time. I wanted you to have the chance to know this trade secret and share this with as many as possible.

As a business owner of two companies, whereby our number one value is customer service and experience of our end user, I am naturally drawn to companies and businesses with this same offering, and I cant help myself but let you all know!



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Caesarstone is one of, (Most likely to be..) Australia’s leading reconstituted stone bench-top suppliers. This doesn’t happen unless there is a valid reason.

I personally love how they are always a head of the game with their fresh and current offerings and ultimately providing a practical and functional product that will suit everyone’s needs. Interested to know what product we chose for our home and why click the button below!

Carpeteria Newland Street Bondi Junction


Founded by Jack ezra ( My amazing Dad) in 1977, carpeteria quickly established itself as the leading carpet supplier in the sydney eastern suburbs and metro area.

Known to Interior designers, architects, developers, builders and families throughout Sydney, as the Carpet 'go to' for top customer service, the highest of quality carpet, extensive knowledge of products, and a "carpet candy store" that would make most positively overwhelmed. 

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When I learn that a company is family owned, passed down through the generations, I am immediately drawn. There is nothing more warm and special about a business that has the love energy and warmth of a family tree. Well this incredible brand ( Wignells- heating & Cooking) is one to know… as someone who has first hand met the owners ( and let me admit, completely smitten with them ) there is no denying how impressed I have been with not only product range but also the story behind Wignells.

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If you follow me on instagram, you will be very aware that I use these guys a lot. I’ve got to say it, customer service is key but a bloody good product goes a really long way too…and I can proudly say NAV rock in both areas :)

Not only do they have an extensive ( and BEAUTIFUL) range of timber veneers, but they offer the best imitation timber veneer on the market. NO doubt about it. Check out what products we are using click below :)

Meir tapware


Meir is an Australian company that designs and manufactures Premium Architectural Tapware in a beautiful range of finishes; all with an emphasis on modern design and clean lines.

We are absolutely obsessed with their Electroplated matte finish for durability and are loving their scratch resistance large double sinks and will be using them in our kitchen and Laundry too! A must see website - the options are just perfect for all homes!

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Bauwerk, THE most gorgeous supplier of lime paint, which honestly you cannot achieve with any other paint product on the market. As an advocate for the handmade, the healthy home, the closest to nature, low VOC and the rest, Bauwerk is hands down the winner of the race when it comes to my opinion! Honestly I am SO excited to be finally using this product in my home, the warmth, the movement, the natural elements.. you just NEED to check out their website and colour range.. drool worthy! OH and the customer service……TOP

Bankston Architectural interior design Georgia Ezra


I don’t even know where to start with this Architectural hardware company. Let me start by saying that firstly I firmly believe handsdown that Bankston architectural and its sister company Tradco have the most beautiful Hardware in Australia. Not to mention, some of the best customer service I have experienced. I originally used Tradco in our last home renovation as I have always been drawn to the european lines of their handles and range …. READ MORE

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Brodware Tapware

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