If you love my style,
shop where I shop, and buy what I buy!

I have spent the last 8 years designing homes for clients who love my style. It's a mix of Moroccan, Mediterranean, Indian, Asian, Indonesian, African, European... meets Modern! 

You are here because you feel something special when you see the interiors I work on, the products that I buy for my clients, and my approach to creating positive, functional and happy spaces. After years of being asked by clients, followers and friends where to go to find these goodies and who to talk to when it came to speciality furniture and design, I've decided to pass this golden information onto you!

I totally recognise that renovating or refurnishing your home can be an extremely daunting experience to say the least–you are gambling with unknown products, unfamiliar suppliers and huge expenses without being 100% sure that your final result will even achieve what you wanted in the first place. 


I have spent years collating and working with a team of awesome suppliers, and can take guess work out of this process, passing along the key to saving your precious time and money.

These brands are the ones that I return to, job after job at my design firm GABBE, not only because they have genuinely amazing products but because I know I am going to get top service from them every time. These guys are the Creme de la creme in the industry, and are every interior designer's secret weapon for amazing products and incredible deals.

If you mention that Georgia Ezra sent you, these companies will offer a seriously awesome trade discount - and when I say awesome I mean awesome!