Get rid of mediocrity and start living your life!

I notice far too often that there are so many of us who are voluntarily choosing not to live our lives like we only have one. 

Why do we choose to remain in toxic jobs that bring no satisfaction, suffocating our passions and creativity, stifling our confidence.

Why do we put off our health and choose to spend our money on cars and fashion rather than on fresh ingredients and foods that will bring powerful and long-lasting benefits to our minds our bodies our souls, the very machinery we were given to live our time in this world.

Why do we underestimate the power of our homes our offices our cars our immediate surroundings and the direct effects these have on our well-being.

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So it appears that my stars are telling me something hugely significant this week. And so now I have decided to finally commit to a longtime passion I have wanted to pursue but been persistent in putting off. Why? Because I never felt I was ready! But that is the ultimate problem if we always wait until everything reaches a state of perfection in our mind then often we do miss the boat. So here goes.

For the past three years I have been on a journey which has led me to discover that I want to pursue guest speaking and was born to be in front of an audience. I have been researching, doing a lot of soul-searching, reading books, and just listening to my inner voice that every few weeks pops up… nothing I do can get this little voice to stop! l have reached a point of great self-discovery and now is the time to share my story, my beliefs and inspire as many as possible.

I am going to be sharing these through blogs online, videos, my Instagram page and – as I have committed – guest speaking gigs! I am excited and scared but mostly excited because I know this is where I will feel most fulfilled as a living soul! I can’t wait to get my message out to you all so soon!

I am currently celebrating the Jewish new year and at this time I like to concentrate on life as I know it and project goals and aspirations for the next 12 months. If this divine timing wasn’t enough…the recent birth of my first child – Jesse Aaron Morris – ( Jesse/Yishai his hebrew name, literally meaning Gift from God) is the absolute reason for my commitment to this change, bringing with him the greatest gift…a lesson to live my life. More on this to come in following blog posts!

It was 1 year and 5 months ago that I recorded my first video regarding a topic that I was hugely passionate about . This video was focused on how our emotional, physical and spiritual health was, and is truly connected to our immediate surroundings. I knew In my soul that I wanted to inspire others to understand more about this topic, and so I put together Video 1. At that stage however, timing was not right, I was critical of my video, I felt excited but overwhelmed and stressed about the task. Ultimately I was not ready to take the big step and fully commit. I made one more video and then the filming stopped.

I have always known deep down I was born to inspire others yet constantly gave myself reasons why the timing was wrong, implanting seeds of self-fear and doubt. The truth is that I feel no greater enjoyment and completion then I do when I speak to others who are feeling uninspired, unfulfilled, lost, unhealthy or cannot recognise that their path or reasoning of existence in this world is more than their current mediocre day to day life.

 Today and now I am going to practice what I preach and commit to my own passions, so that I can live out the most fulfilled version of my daily existence and kick the mediocre out the back door!

Since May of last year when I made this initial video I have continued questioning, internalising, analyzing, growing, self-teaching, self-healing and through this journey my knowledge has expanded to other exciting areas I wish to explore with you!

Fall in love with your life and live the healthiest version of you!

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