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How to style small dark spaces in the home with Georgia Ezra 

Join Georgia Ezra on Channel Ten's - The Home Team as she gives simple tips on how to style small dark spaces in the home! Ever felt like your home is super dark, without much Natural light? Use these tips to create a light and airy room!

Sensory design in your home

When we walk in to a space we are automatically aware of how we feel. We may not consciously think this however our subconscious makes sense of our surroundings and we are either comfortable or we are not comfortable. In my opinion to be content in an interior space all the senses need to be considered in the total design process...


The new Deco Collection by Corinthian, opens up a world of modern design for your home. For some design inspiration, watch Georgia Ezra of G.A.B.B.E Interior Design, create a stylish modern interior using a beautiful Deco door.


Join Georgia Ezra, Interior designer on Channel Tens the HomeTeamTv, as she explains the importance of considering your five senses within your dwelling for optimal emotional health!

Increase your productivity with this bedroom tip

Ever wondered why you still feel consumed and stressed when you leave your house in the morning. There is one critical action you must carry out in your bedroom if you want to feel more organised during the day!

A Healthy Home, A Healthy Plate with Jess Sepel and Georgia Ezra

An intimate workshop with Jess Sepel and Georgia Ezra.


Georgia's Home Tour with the Home Team from Channel 10

As seen on Channel Ten's the Home Team, Georgia opens up her home for an exclusive look. She talks about her journey with husband Richie from the start to finish of their renovation project and you get to see the final result! 

A Healthy Home, A Healthy Plate with Jess Sepel and Georgia Ezra (Part 2)

Georgia lays down a challenge.