When I learn that a company is family owned, passed down through the generations, I am immediately drawn. There is nothing more warm and special about a business that has the love energy and warmth of a family tree. Well this incredible brand ( Wignells- heating & Cooking) is one to know… as someone who has first hand met the owners ( and let me admit, completely smitten with them ) there is no denying how impressed I have been with not only product range but also the story behind Wignells. As a business owner, as well as being a hardworking employee in the past, I am one to advocate the idea that it all comes from the top! A great friendly employee is usually treated extremely well and respected, and an unhappy angry employee is usually not. So here is another brand I will continue working with and promoting for years to come!

Let’s just say Wignells have some of the most impressive and high end products on the market.. hands down.

For Richie and I heating and warmth is an absolute must. We have never lived with a natural fireplace and have dreamed of one for years. So this time round we decided that it was something we were definitely going to make a priority. We decided to go with the Radiante 800… ( woooop so excited).. many designers leave the unit exposed because it is so dam gorgeous, however we decided to close it up and tile the front face.

On this note, as explained in video 2, because this fireplace gets so so hot ( not just metaphorically), you cannot build a timber frame around it, unless you want to be calling the fire brigade within minutes of starting your new fireplace. So the only options are masonry surround ( bricks) OR this fabulous new product - which Wignells also supply - called Skamotec - which is basically a fire retard.. and is super easy to install ( Just like plasterboard panels ), allowing you to build around the fireplace without the expense of brick and mortar.

Check out the progress of the product install below!

Georgia’s Choice of fireplace